Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ball stability

Heavy Workout Basketballs

Heavy Workout Basketballs bounce like normal basketballs, but are heavier to build up arm and finger strength and improve just about every aspect of the game. They help improve ball stability too, by building up the player's hands and fingers. Heavy workout basketballs come in regulation and intermediate sizes, and weigh two times as much as a normal basketball. Think of the arm strength and ease of ball handling that can come your way when you use resistance training with a heavy basketball.

Stability Ball Exercise

The stability or balance ball offers many different exercises for every level of fitness from beginner to professional athlete. Stability ball exercise is effective, gentle, and fun! They are particularly great for slow resistance muscle development and of course, balance, which helps basketball players stay light on their feet so they can weave around their opponents on the court.

Swiss Balance Ball

The Swiss balance ball offers workouts that specifically target certain areas of the body, like the back and the abs. They are very easy to use, and offer low impact exercise, too. They are great for fitness toning, and working specific body areas gently but effectively. Basketball is a high impact and intense sport and balance balls offer a low impact training option which can be a terrific break on the knees and joints.

Balance Ball Exercises

Balance ball exercises are fun, and the whole family can get involved. Balance ball exercises can include stretching, strength and resistance training. They also make great office chairs to build your abdominal muscles and help your internal balance. You can do push ups and even partner exercises with your balance ball.

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