Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Author Intro Tips


The constant quest for a "better way" is what makes our profession as coaches, and this great game of basketball, an ever changing adventure. As long as we continue to grow and learn, the future of our sport is in good hands. Basketball coaches come in as many shapes and sizes as the number of game plans that are possible during the evolving, re-inventing, and recycling of ideas in our wonderful sport. In this book I hope that each coach may find some tips that will either "square" with what they already knew, make them look at something from a different "angle", or provide something new that completed the "circle" for them.

While these might not be the 101 most important tips in the game of basketball, I hope that there is something for everyone. I've tried to provide some ideas that may not be mainstream, some might be presented in a different manner than usual, and a few that initially might not come to mind. Find some tips that fit your personality, coaching style or the kind of coach that you strive to be. Put those tips to use and make them your "new seasons resolution" . Otherwise, these 101 tips might be like the treadmill on my back porch. It was bought with good intentions and high expectations, but if I don't commit to using it...

Ray Lokar is the Southern California Coordinator for the Positive Coaching Alliance and serves as a Lead Trainer and Mentor Coach for PCA. He has coached in SoCal for over 25 years at the youth, high school, and college levels and developed a majority of the content for Coach Lokar was the Head Basketball Coach of the 2002 California Interscholastic Federation Champions while at Bishop Amat High School and served a two-year term as President of the Southern California Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association. He now coordinates the Basketball Coaching Education Program for the Amateur Athletic Foundation in Southern California.