Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kobe: Two Weeks, Three records

Less than two weeks, three record ditorehkan Kobe Bryant. Latest record point Wednesday (11/2/2009), with youngest become a print 23,000 NBA points throughout history.

The record is created when the guests proves Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder 105-98.

History created during the second quarter had left behind five minutes 13 seconds. When Kobe print numbers through free throw opportunities in the second, the Lakers fans at Staples Center immediately shout "MVP". Kobe had to create suspense arena, because the chance of the first free throw failed.

The guard posotion this become a successful NBA youngest print 23,000 points in his career during the age of 30 years in 171 days, the record-breaking Wilt Chamberlain (30 years 176 days).

As Yahoosport made, not at all visible signs that Kobe just sick. Fight in the cage in the Cavaliers on Monday (9/2/2009), Kobe can not complete the fight. Players who idolai soccer club Barcelona have to get this treatment through infus due to high fever.

"I feel really in good condition. I have enough rest, getting enough fluids and eating well," said Kobe be like LA Times.

Overall, the Lakers back 24 numbered print is number 34. That is, the collection points Kobe now be 23,020.

"I was kidding with Kobe. I said, remember you when you print first points, the time you are 17 years old? So the match is stopped momentarily and the sound of the announced 'This is the print youngest the number two'," said Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

"After that, for every thousand points of the match was stopped pointed to announce 'This is the print that youngest the umpteenth thousand points,'" added Jackson.

"What is clear, the night is Kobe appears to play very aggressive and spectacular," the coach had closed the three-ring champion Lakers for this.

Kobe printed record of this, is the third within a period less than the last two weekends. The record first point bend Lakers New York Knicks.

Kobe print a record 61 points, the highest throughout this season. He also record-breaking highest points ever printed in the Madison Square Garden, Knicks headquarters.