Saturday, February 14, 2009

KryptoNate Surpass Haward the Superman Dunk

This story, regular Superman weakened by Kryptonite stone. Slam Dunk contest in the NBA, Dwight Howard champion stand back so that Superman is not a magical power Nate "KryptoNate" Robinson.

Last year, reaching the victory Howard dominant in Slam Dunk contest, Seeing the Superman story. In the contest this time, Saturday (14/2/2009) the night local time, Howard is still entertaining show with the action of the super human.

Round in the opener, Howard suddenly disappeared chamber to a public phone. Who know the habits Clark Kent Superman changed the form of a correct understanding of this scenario.

Not mistaken, Howard away from the exit chamber has now been put on the Superman costume. That's at least visible from the red wing of the subject's Orlando Magic.

After a wave to the audience in the U.S. Airways Center, the Howard Superman then receive the ball from fellow in team, Jameer Nelson.

Extraordinary entertaining? See Robinson dunk first action so that it determines victory over Howard himself the champion last.

In action, the New York Knicks was also adopted the theme of Superman Howard is used, although from the other side. Robinson so "the enemy" Superman.

In the last round, Robinson began to appear all green from the Knicks uniform, shoes, until he brought the ball. He confessed that symbolic is Kryptonite.

In action , the KryptoNate even involve the Howard Superman. To make a dunk, and Robinson must jump "mengangkangi" Howard is standing under the basket. This is terrible and not be calculated easily because the action postures that Robinson only 1.74 meters, while Howard pitched up to 2 meters more.

Thanks to the action before, so Robinson was earn Slam Dunk contest winner this year after 52 percent of fans to select them. Robinson saw his victory alone cannot be separated from the role of the real Howard so "properties".

"Dwight really good I want to let dunking passes himself. I have yesterday (appear to participate) in the Elevator. He was like, 'Yes, I will do it'. I thought he was just kidding, "Said Robinson in Yahoosport, Sunday (15/2/2009).

Howard was not in fact own objections "jumping" Robinson who then also take a degree winner. He even relaxed relaxed-just respond to defeat.

"This is all just for fun. Hey, he was winning with the fair. Fans love it. We tried to make the action